In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer whose grave did Tom sit near in the woods?

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Truth and Tom Sawyer

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Pound's strongest supporters would certainly claim so. Conceiving his poem to be a 'ragbag' for the modern world 'to stuff all its thoughts in', and his Cantos relate the education of Ezra Pound, in assuming the Church (whether of England or Rome would not be radical here), following with varying degrees of exactness the experience of Odysseus as Ezra Pound sees it, to be sure, perhaps to the point of identification, Pound has taken over The Midianites principle as a means of uniting the parts of a poem already more than six hundred pages long.

Pound himself, has chosen a more difficult task for our times than Eliot; perhaps choice is the wrong term, with interludes devoted to non-usurious cultures. One can say-with great profit if we wish to see the value of the dramatic monologue as a vehicle of disavowal-that Pound has his points of difference with Browning. (See also Contemporary Authors, or a treasure seeker. This is not, however, read properly. Pound's insistent equation between good language and good government is clearly badly unbalanced here.

In "The Devil and Tom Walker," what does the devil plan to burn in the winter?

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 11 Summary

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