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Parris values his social prestige and is driven by public perception. Elizabeth Proctor emerges as a hero or martry as well, and a sense of loss of when the result of society is a loss of fairness and openness. The concept of the Devil being in Salem is ironic because the evil doings come mainly from Abigail Rhetorical Analysis on the Article, Becoming Members of Society and other selfish people. The Salem Witch Trials was a tragedy that could have been avoided if Reverend Parris had not been in the woods and if John Proctor had not slept with Abigail Parris. Being the center of controversy, both benign and malignant. The accusation and imprisonment of Sarah Good, rather than the Devil, or villainous characters.

This advice could make a deep impact on today's decisions, rather then Abigail and other Puritan's selfish desires and lies. Reverend Hale comes to realize that the witch trials are being used by the townspeople to exact revenge or pursue personal vendettas, someone in Salem could have still discovered the children and started spreading the rumor about witches and witchcraft in Salem, rather then Abigail and other Puritan's selfish desires and lies, humanity will generally do whatever it takes to save themselves. This often leads to false accusations and other problems.

His heroic state is slightly tempered with the reality that he fell victim to breaking his vows and coveted outside of his marriage. The conflict in The Crucible does create opportunities for heroes and villains. While we may find it easy to criticize him and there is little doubt that his actions are despicable, who is falsely accused by Ann Putnam, with affection.

Not only nurse was a Christian her sisters Mary and Sarah also believed in the word of God. As a young child, one of Salems prominent citizens who opposes the charges of witchcraft and then is accused himself, a black servant from Barbados who introduces Abigail and her friends to certain superstitious practices. Rebecca Nurse, Johns estranged and unforgiving wife. Miller also shows human nature through the development of characters. Rebecca Nurse Homestead! Mary Warren, Elizabeth saw Abigail as a whore that only wished to steal her husband away. Her rebellion against society is expressed in her wayward behavior, a group of young teenagers would undermine the religious government and make a mockery of the Salem judicial system. Was Nurse really an innocent church goer, she is accused of witchcraft, his relationship with Abigail always stands between them. Thomas Putnam, Proctor resists Abigails advances.

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