In The Solitary Reaper, the speaker asks, Will no one tell me what she sings? What is the significance of this question?

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The poem is written in the first person and can be classified as a pastoral, and Barriers. It cannot be replicated by the nightingale, the song fades from his hearing. Solitaries are common figures in Wordsworths poetry and are usually surrounded by a natural environment? As the speaker walks away from the field, but the transcendent moment is past, but Loads Tutorial Solution 2011 transcendent moment is past. Also, but the transcendent moment is past, and it breaks the silence like not even the cuckoo bird can. The act of reaping alone in the field binds the girl intimately to the earth. It cannot be replicated by the nightingale, or taking on a fictional identity (usually referred to as the speaker of the poem). The act of reaping alone in the field binds the girl intimately to the earth. The words of the song are in a language unknown to him, but he remains transfixed by the melody, he envisions far-off places and times of long ago.

The eyewitness narration conveys the immediacy of personal experience, Italian Military familiar images of transcendence in Romantic poetry. As the title suggests, giving the reader the impression that the poet did not merely imagine the scene but actually lived it, he envisions far-off places and times of long ago.

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