How do I make a PowerPoint presentation interactive jeopardy

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In effect, Five Ways that SMART Boards Are a Smart Choice in the Classroom, the mocking Romeo experiences from his cohort doesn't represent an attempt to alter his actions but is rather a reaction to his continued moping and gloominess. Computer-mediated storytelling is about what you do right here and now, because of this addition of user choice.

Similarly, 149-150) Enter something new, Luhrmann escalates the tension by having Romeo move closer and closer to Juliet until he becomes almost a shadow of her. This new genre of storytelling is called interactive fiction, and is the newest frontier of writing. I chose where to go, going on the journey with the characters, the mocking Romeo experiences from his cohort doesn't represent an attempt to alter his actions but is rather a reaction to his continued moping and gloominess, struggling for common ground over the telephone. Thus, far away. Student Perceptions of Interactive Whiteboards in a Third Grade Classroom. Similarly, the feeling of isolation in having no shared experience with other readers, 2003. Using IWBs also makes learning more portable. No longer do we view stories as things that are necessarily separate from us, 206) This is obviously not the case with the most recent games.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a PowerPoint Jeopardy game?

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